Specialists in audience engagement, INTERACTION and participation.

Attention!!! Have you been to an Event like this?

Of course, you have… we all have… and we still go to them, unfortunately.

But we are all working towards the same goal – A Successful, Engaging and Memorable Event!! That’s where we come in…

We are a small but dedicated team of Audience Engagement Specialists. Working in the Events Industry for too many combined years to mention, we consider ourselves to be well informed, well educated, highly-experienced individuals with regard to audiences, events, and the beautiful people we rely on to attend them – our event delegates!

YOUR CHALLENGE: How to grab your lovely delegates ATTENTION… and to RETAIN it as much as possible for at least WHOLE DAY of valuable content and knowledge transfer from the best minds in your industry that you have taken the time, money and effort to invite along to provide said knowledge and content for the day… that’s why you are running the event after all – isn’t it?!

SOLUTION: Studies have shown that using Audience Engagement and Participation Tools have produced the following statistics:

Our Interactivity Specialists have all worked for Audience Response Providers in the past and see the value and reward in using such equipment within the conference arena… but where we differ is… WE PROVIDE THEM ALL (well, the front runners anyway!). We are your ONE-STOP-AUDIENCE-ENGAGEMENT-SHOP so to speak. It saves you shopping around… a bit like Moneysupermarket.com… We are the Go To AudienceResponseSolutionsHireSupermarket (dot com!)…!!

We believe whole-heartedly in collaboration and have been lucky enough to have nurtured fantastic relationships with some of the best minds in the marketplace when it comes to conference interactivity, audience participation and gathering feedback at events.

It has been our objective to surround ourselves with like-minded partners and providers that will work with us to provide you, the end user or organiser with the best solution(s) to suit your event environment and budget. Handheld radio frequency systems, WiFi mobile polling, mobile voting, Q&A systems, text entry feedback, you name it, chances are…we provide it!

Polling software to work with any operating system and integrated within Microsoft Powerpoint.

Our clients include:

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