Throwable Microphone

Catchbox – the throwable microphone!

The Catchbox Pro is a module, converting existing beltpack transmitters, or lavalier microphones, into throwable microphones. This means it is easy to integrate with any event that already has a working wireless microphone setup. Users simply connect their existing beltpack transmitter into the Catchbox Pro’s built in mic and Automute electronics.

Giant iTab

Giant iTab – Audience Engagement – but 100 times bigger!!

Giant iTabs ‘Attract, Engage & Inform’ a wider audience the same way a regular smartphone absorbs the attention of a single user.

Learn, discuss and buy without having to crowd around a little phone.



Add fun to your event with Gamification Software

Software to make your presentations more entaining for the users.

Audience Alive

Audience Alive

Avoid Death by Powerpoint

Put the Wow factor into your presentation

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