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Handheld Voting System

At Response Crowd we provide the market leading audience response system by Turning Technologies LLC. Radio Frequency Connectivity means no reliance on Wifi or Mobile networks which can sometimes unfortunately let us down at event venues. The simplicity of the handsets means that there is no need for delegates to enter codes or access passwords to be able to participate in audience voting and feedback sessions.

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Budget Voting System

This solution is for the very budget conscious and comes as a pre-packed no frills, out of the box voting kit of 50 or 100 small LT handsets which have 5 response choices. We will also provide you with a template for your questions so all you need to do is purchase your licence from us to download the software from the Turning Technologies LLC website, walk through some web based training for 10 mins and take delivery of your kit - simple!

Mobile Device Voting System

Mobile Polling (Budget Friendly)

Mobile voting is becoming increasingly popular for those events wanting speed, ease of use and the ability to gather text entry comments and questions from delegates as well as being able to vote on multiple choice questions. ResponseWare by TurningTechnologies LLC provides a simple solution for Bring Your Own Device voting. We are one of the only providers offering On and Offsite voting concurrently, made possible by this technology. You can have all delegates participating onsite and from remote locations, no matter where are are situated. Stable Wifi Connectivity is required for this option. Get pricing for this option if on a budget – you will be pleasantly surprised!

Market Leading Software

Market Leading Software

At Response Crowd we promote and use the TurningPoint® Audience Response System by Turning Technologies LLC. This Award Winning Software is integrated within Microsoft Powerpoint making it a simple and effective solution for anyone who is familiar with MS Powerpoint. The latest software by Turning Technologies - TURNINGPOINT® 8 has additional features such as WordCloud and Web based voting. Get in touch for your Free Trial.

Handset Customisation

Customised Handsets

Add your company name or sponsors names to your handsets. Define your brand and let your sponsors pay for your audience pariticpation and show them their return on their investment. Call us for more information and pricing on customisation and branding options - Tel: 0845 5214 969

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Fully Managed Facilitation Service

We are a team of Event Professionals and know what’s involved in the lead up to event day. The system is very simple to use yourself but we understand that sometimes you just need someone else to take the lead on this - you have enough to do! We can attend your event and take care of it all before, during and after your event...we will take care of it with our full Facilitation Service.

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